PCD Based Pharma Company: PCD Pharma is short for Propaganda cum Distribution of pharma products. The business model of a PCD Franchise company allows a PCD pharma distributor distribution and marketing rights thus enabling the latter to become a sole distributor of a brand’s pharma products.Regardless of the market’s highs and lows, PCD pharma has managed to maintain its charm and momentum which is why a PCD franchise company is considered a lucrative option and the best way to earn good returns. A top PCD pharma franchise company presents qualified and keen individuals with endless business opportunities thus setting them up with a good source of revenue.

PCD based Pharma Company

How to choose the best PCD based Pharma Company in India?

As discussed above, association with a top PCD franchise company can reap amazing benefits. However, the advantages will come quickly and will be better only if the partnership is done the right way and with the right company.

A PCD based Pharma Company gives a PCD pharma distributor multitude of options to experience mutual growth and progress by expanding its network. It is therefore upon a PCD distributor to realize his dreams by seeking out the top PCD Pharma Franchise company and to do so requires time and study. Looking for the right pharmaceutical partner is easy as long as you follow the criteria listed below.

  • Select a PCD Franchise company that promises quality and safe medicines. A top PCD based pharma company that has antibiotics, ayurvedic products, nutraceuticals, diabetic & cardiac, etc on its diverse portfolio is deemed a good choice. Ensure that your supplier can provide you with a supply of pharma products on your wish list whenever you want it.


  • The reach of the top PCD pharma franchise company is another determining factor when finalizing your pharma company. Choosing a company with nationwide presence is definitely a plus as more exposure implies more brand awareness among the customers.


  • Ensure that the potential PCD based pharma company deals with DCGI approved quality products. People are quick to embrace such products as they are safe and high efficacy. It also helps if the medicines are prepared by WHO, GMP certified pharma manufacturers.


  • A well laid out infrastructure and a proficient and sound team of experts are proponents of a great PCD based pharma company, therefore ensure that your pharmaceutical partner has both.

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Let us start by understanding the concept of monopoly PCD pharma company in Indian pharma industry. The term PCD is defined as the process of propaganda and distribution of pharmaceutical products in the market. The two parties involved are the Pharma franchise company or Franchisor that give marketing and distribution rights to the second party which is the franchisee or distributor.Now, there are 2 ways via which the PCD pharma company could choose to have its pharma products marketed. One way is to have several distributors market pharma products in an allotted area to achieve a wider reach.

Another way is through monopoly. A good pharma PCD pharma company in India usually gives out monopoly distribution privileges to a distributor in the unrepresented area to reduce competition. This allows franchisee or the distributor to gain complete control of marketing and distribution without having to worry about sales targets.

PCD pharma company in India

How does “Monopoly” in pharma business work?

The process involves a distributor applying to the pharma franchise PCD company for distribution rights on a monopoly basis in his area of interest. A distributor would usually set up business in an area where he/she understands the demographics, has good local contacts with medical practitioners and has an idea regarding the demand for pharma products.

Even though the process is cost effective for both the pharma franchise company and distributor, there are certain disadvantages to the system.

Disadvantages of going “Monopoly”:

  • The distributor could make profits by establishing working relationships with the doctor and the chemist. The distributor could start out by asking a doctor to prescribe medicines that the distributor sends to the chemist at a profit margin. The loophole occurs when the chemist gets a better profit margin from another distributor in the same area for same products and therefore ends up doing business with the other distributor instead.
  • The pharma franchise company may suffer if the distributor is not making sufficient profit with the current company and therefore decides to collaborate with a new pharma franchise company instead.

However, mutual trust and reliability can iron out these loopholes and work to the benefit of all. So, let us focus on the good aspects of PCD monopoly by a pharma company and put the others on the side.

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There are many traders wanting to set up a pharmaceutical business for selling drugs but they lack information regarding how to go about it. For such traders, starting with contacting a PCD pharmaceutical company for their monopoly rights is a good option. Below are the top 10 PCD pharma franchise companies in India for your reference.

Top 10 Pharma Franchise Company In India

We are well recognized in the market, due to our knack to export and supply expertise with manufacturing. We supply a diverse and qualitative range of different capsules, tablets, Capsules, Oral Liquids, Dry Syrup, Powders, Injections, Sachet and Effervescent. To formulate our range, we use hygienic ingredients that we have sourced from the authentic and reliable vendors of the market who hold rich expertise in this domain. We give franchise / monopoly for Top 10 Pharma Franchise Company In India on PCD basis. At our portal many well known as Top PCD Pharma Company in India.

Top 10 Pharma Franchise Company In India

For business as one of the well managed PCD Pharma Companies at the unrepresented areas through appointment of new franchise / distributors / sole distributors / pcd franchise / monopoly.

We has installed latest and advanced machines following global leaders as PCD Pharma Company to formulate our range of products as per the industrial standards. With a worthy experience, we provide a wide range of Pharmaceutical Bulk Drugs. These are formulated using superior quality of ingredients at the manufacturer.


Being one of the finest PCD Pharma Companies in India we have an expert team of quality controllers, which is responsible to strictly monitor complete ongoing business at each and every stage right from the sourcing of products till the final dispatch at the client’s ends. Apart from this, we offer quality packaging of our products in laminated and waterproof packets which are properly sealed to ensure the overall safety and faultless delivery of products. We follow ethical business practices and policies that assure us to provide a prompt as well as timely delivery of our products at market leading prices. Due to this, we are able to cater vast client bases across the globe.



If you are searching for Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in India. We  helps to find quality pharma medicine manufacturers in India. These top PCD Pharma Companies in India are manufacturing medicines  associates as well as export. pharmaceutical medicine like beta lactum tablet, non beta lactum tablets, Softgel capsules, Hard gel Capsule, Dry powder injection, Liquid Injections / injectables, Dry syrups , Liquid Syrups, Oral liquid Suspensions, Protein Powder, Ointments, Anti fungal creams, Gels, toothpaste, lotions, prebiotic sachets, probiotic sachets, These pharma formulation are use in different pharma specialty range like

Cardiac diabetic medicine , antibiotics, antacids, analgesics, anti inflammatory drugs, orthopedic medicine, gynecology range, gastrointestinal, ayurvedic, herbals, nutraceuticals, pediatric, Dermatology or derma medicine, critical care medicine range and many more.

Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in India | Top 10 PCD Company From Pharmafranchiseeindia.

Top 10 PCD companies in India 2016 -2017 (Top Propaganda Pharma Companies List)
There are now thousands of PCD pharma companies that make the pharma products to treat several health problems. But there are some most reputed and known companies that make the best products that are effective and trustworthy. There are many companies available in India like Wisefemy, Mankind Pharma, servocare, metamorf etc. But we are listing some of the List of growing and best PCD franchise companies in India to look for.

wisefemy (Best Propaganda Pharma Company)Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in India

Wise Femy ( A Division of A.B.P.L.) is a creation of dreams, aspirations, courage and one vision. Growing with the society in ways that we could give back, it has evolved over the years with compassion running into its essence.


Servocare Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd (Best PCD Company in India)

Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in India

Servocare are a prominent pharmaceutical company engrossed in manufacturing, supplier of generic medicines, pharmaceutical products and other health care products such as cardio vascular system medicine, Tablets, Capsules etc

Cinerea Biotech Pvt. Ltd. ( PCD Pharma Franchise Company )

Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in India

Cinerea are among leading traders and supplier of pharmaceutical formulations offering a broad gamut of Pharmaceutical Tablets, Capsules, Psychiatry Tablets and Injections.

Metamorf Lifesciences (Top 10 PCD company India)

Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in India

Metamorf Lifesciences present wide range of products accentuates our prominence as the top pharmaceutical manufacturing company across Indian pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical Tablets
Pharma Capsules
Pharmaceutical injections
Pharma syrups

Fedley Healthcare  (Top 10 PCD company India)

Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in India

Supported by line of products that cover both generic and specialty segments, the company is a veteran pharma PCD products manufacturers.

Arlak Corazon  (Best Propaganda Franchise Pharma Company)


Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in India

Corazon expertise in CARDIO & DIABETIC Drugs & Formulations.Our formulation development team and regulatory department are focused on bringing latest molecules to our markets with expedience thereby guaranteeing a constant flow of the latest products to our customers.

Unikind  (Top rated Pharma Company in India)

Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in India

Unikind continuously look to develop our system. We are among top Pharma franchise companies in india and offers Pharma franchise, Pharma pcd in India.

Cubic Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.  ( Growing Pharmaceutical Company )

Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in India

Cubic Lifesciences Private Limited, established our operations in the year 2013, As one of the glorious manufacturers. Pharmaceutical Tablets, Pharma Capsules, Pharmaceutical injections, Pharma syrups

Alna Biotech Pvt. Ltd.  ( Best company in the Pharma Industry )

Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in India

Alna Group Companies are creation of dreams, aspirations, courage and one vision. Growing with the society in ways that we could give back, it has evolved over the years with compassion running into its essence.

H&I Critical Care  ( Top 10 PCD Company )

Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in India

H&I Critical care is offering wide range of Critical care tablets, Critical injectables, I.V. Fluids . All critical care medicine are from WHO-GMP certified Units.




So, if you were lookup top pharma franchise companies,  best PCD Pharma companies in India. I hope this might have been helpful for you. These Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in India cater to bulk requirement  at competitive rates. Additionally, these medicine companies are involved with supply and distribution of other forms of medicines including capsule, tablet, protein powder etc.


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