Top PCD Pharma Companies in India – To run a top PCD pharma franchise is similar to any other business venture in the sense that the success of a business is decided by certain factors and so is the case with a PCD pharma company. Investing in a top PCD pharma franchise is, without doubt, a profitable venture, but by focusing on the points below you could achieve success in a short time span.

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Top PCD Pharma Companies in India

Success Factors behind the Top PCD Pharma Companies in India

All the top PCD Pharma Companies in India must follow the parameters listed below to ensure an unwavering performance despite ongoing challenges.

  • Offer Highest-Quality Pharma Products

Time and again, experts have emphasized on the quality part of pharma products supplied by the top PCD pharma companies in India. For a top PCD pharma franchise company to survive in this age of cut-throat competition, it must offer sustainable healthcare solutions that surpass all standards of quality and withstand the tests of time. In India, the Drug Controller General of India lays down standards and quality parameters to which all the PCD pharma companies must comply. Quality rich pharmaceutical drugs, by themselves, are enough to instill confidence among clients. Suppliers and pharma manufacturers can get the quality testing done at government approved labs. Some manufacturers operate manufacturing facilities equipped with in-house quality testing teams to ensure the final product meets the required quality standards.

  • Value Your Customers & Guarantee a Quick Response Time

A business that promotes itself as client-centric must take all necessary measures to ensure that the customers are satisfied and receive a prompt response for all queries raised. A good customer support service is akin to good business practices and usually reflects in the relationship shared by the PCD pharma franchise company with its clients. Thus, all the top PCD pharma companies in India, as well as the small players, should make good customer service a hallmark of their rule book to stay in the market. A well trained and expert customer support team is all you need to offer excellent client service.

  • Employ Fair CSR Policies

The top PCD pharma franchise companies usually find themselves in the eye of the public and media as medicines are a sensitive and an important aspect of the society. Thus, many top pharma companies have embraced the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that defines the impact of a company’s commercial and social activities on the welfare of the society, environment and the economy. A pharma company with good CSR means that its business practices are in complete harmony with the society and taking all measures possible to identify its role in shaping the society in a positive manner.

  • Get the required Certifications & Accreditations

Nowadays, any product endorsed by a well-known brand is immediately likened to a high-quality product. But for a brand to do well in the market and sustain its position, it must have certifications. The same is true in the case of pharma products too. The pharma industry in India requires its players to get certification from the international health regulatory bodies including the WHO, GMP, GPL, ISO, etc.

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The factors above can shield you from unforeseen challenges and provide immunity to surprises. Thus, prepare yourself well and enjoy a smooth sailing.

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Let us start by understanding the concept of monopoly PCD pharma company in Indian pharma industry. The term PCD is defined as the process of propaganda and distribution of pharmaceutical products in the market. The two parties involved are the Pharma franchise company or Franchisor that give marketing and distribution rights to the second party which is the franchisee or distributor.Now, there are 2 ways via which the PCD pharma company could choose to have its pharma products marketed. One way is to have several distributors market pharma products in an allotted area to achieve a wider reach.

Another way is through monopoly. A good pharma PCD pharma company in India usually gives out monopoly distribution privileges to a distributor in the unrepresented area to reduce competition. This allows franchisee or the distributor to gain complete control of marketing and distribution without having to worry about sales targets.

PCD pharma company in India

How does “Monopoly” in pharma business work?

The process involves a distributor applying to the pharma franchise PCD company for distribution rights on a monopoly basis in his area of interest. A distributor would usually set up business in an area where he/she understands the demographics, has good local contacts with medical practitioners and has an idea regarding the demand for pharma products.

Even though the process is cost effective for both the pharma franchise company and distributor, there are certain disadvantages to the system.

Disadvantages of going “Monopoly”:

  • The distributor could make profits by establishing working relationships with the doctor and the chemist. The distributor could start out by asking a doctor to prescribe medicines that the distributor sends to the chemist at a profit margin. The loophole occurs when the chemist gets a better profit margin from another distributor in the same area for same products and therefore ends up doing business with the other distributor instead.
  • The pharma franchise company may suffer if the distributor is not making sufficient profit with the current company and therefore decides to collaborate with a new pharma franchise company instead.

However, mutual trust and reliability can iron out these loopholes and work to the benefit of all. So, let us focus on the good aspects of PCD monopoly by a pharma company and put the others on the side.

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