The success mantra for many pharma distributors is in choosing the right pharma PCD franchise company to do business with. Even if you worked hard to accomplish other spheres but made a wrong choice with your PCD Pharma Franchise Company, then there is every bit a chance of things going wrong. Therefore, take precautions when deciding which one of the PCD pharma companies for franchise will help you maximize your returns in order to do well.

Pharma PCD Franchise Company

Those working in the pharma franchise industry are well aware that many PCD pharma companies for franchise get their pharma products prepared in manufacturing facilities either owned by them or owned by the third-party manufacturers. However, as a pharma franchise distributor, you should know the benefits of partnering with a Pharma PCD franchise company that operates its own manufacturing facilities. Let us discuss the pros of choosing a Pharma PCD Franchise Company with its own manufacturing facility.

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  • Availability of Pharma Products

If you are a pharma distributor working for a PCD Pharma Franchise company with its own production unit, then you are least likely to face the issue of products going out of stock. Such PCD pharma companies for franchise are at the helm of regulating their production and plan their inventory accordingly. This enables them to keep up with the market demand thus avoiding inventory shortage which can lead to companies or distributors going out of business.

Since these PCD pharma companies for franchise do not have to depend on the third party manufacturers for steady supply of products, clients prefer to work with them as there is only one business partner to deal with instead of two.

  • Quality Control

The PCD pharma companies for franchise that also do their own product manufacturing are known to offer the best quality consistency and quality control you would expect from your pharma products. Since all the products are prepared in the same manufacturing facility, there are no quality performance issues that are usually evident if you get your products manufactured by different manufacturers. The pharma PCD franchise company that does its own manufacturing maintains a standard quality protocol throughout its production regardless of the type of medicine it makes.

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The main advantage of dealing with a PCD company with its own manufacturing unit is that clients can hold the company accountable for any quality lapses. This may not be so easy with third-party manufacturers as your concern may get lost in transmission.

  • Winning the trust of Medical Practitioner is easy

When it comes to gaining the trust of a doctor, going the ethical and quality way always works the best. Therefore, the doctors trust PCD pharma companies for franchise that do both- their own product manufacturing and marketing as convincing someone of the quality of your own manufactured product is far easy than being a messenger for a product prepared by some other manufacturer.

To become a part of the Indian Pharma Franchise Industry is like inviting success to your doorstep. By forming a strategic alliance with the top pharma franchise company, you as a pharma franchise distributor must perform certain commercial duties on behalf of the pharma company. But, before that you must ascertain that your future pharmaceutical franchise partner is worth the investment and will help you secure your future as a pharma franchise in Chandigarh.

We shall be discussing what factors you must consider when choosing a top pharma franchise company for starting a pharma franchise in Chandigarh. Also, let us take a look at what makes Chandigarh a favorite location for starting a pharma franchise.

Top Pharma Franchise Company

Why does Chandigarh hold the attraction for the top Pharma Franchise Company?

Chandigarh is a smart and well-planned city that has lately become an important hub for the technology sector and many other important industries including the pharmaceuticals. Baddi being only a short distance from Chandigarh is a super pharma zone largely due to its SEZ status and less regulatory constraints. The pharma companies situated in Baddi offer numerous pharma franchise opportunities to individuals in Chandigarh and surrounding area subsequently resulting in many businesses to start a pharma franchise in Chandigarh.

Tips on choosing the Top Pharma Franchise Company

In choosing the top pharma companies in Chandigarh, you can make no mistake if you follow the points below. The points are aimed to help you with your search for the top pharma franchise company to ensure a successful pharma franchise in Chandigarh.

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  • Pharma Franchise Company’s Reputation

Do not go by what the company claims with respect to its brand image, experience, quality, and products. Establish the facts by doing your own thorough study that includes looking through company’s audits, hearing from the client’s mouth, reading through performance charts, and using the powerful medium of the Internet to read online reviews and comments.

  • Certifications & Endorsements

Pharma Companies that have the right certifications and accreditations from international health regulatory bodies such as WHO, GMP, ISO, GLP find it easy to instill confidence about quality and safety among their clients. Therefore, consider the top pharma companies in Chandigarh that have one or all the international accreditations listed above.

  • Product Quality

The very essence of a pharma franchise business is the pharma products and with consumer becoming extra quality conscious, it becomes necessary for companies to invest in the highest-quality products that are safe and effective. Hence, without a doubt, a pharma franchise company that deals in quality products is the right choice.

  • Monopoly Based Pharma Franchise Rights

A large business presence is one of the main reasons why top pharma franchise companies have gained popularity. Such companies are not afraid to invest their resources in far-off areas including untouched and remote areas of India. Thus, by granting the monopoly for pharma franchise they can establish a wider scope and reach millions of customers.

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The chances that starting a pharma franchise for a top pharma company would pay off are “Plenty” as the statistics suggest that starting a pharma franchise is deemed a golden investment around the world. The profits associated with a top franchise business are big. A soaring rise in healthcare risks has paved the way for an equal demand for healthcare solutions thus, widening the scope of pharma business.The pharma franchise is seen as a perfect business opportunity for amateur and passionate entrepreneurs hoping to make a bright career in the pharmaceutical sector. Though the model promises great returns, starting a franchise for pharma franchise companies in India is easier said than done. However, once the business gains pace, there are no forces to hold you back from earning decent profits.

This blog is a step by step guide on how to start a franchise for a top pharma company. But before we take the plunge, allow us to elaborate on the concept of Pharma franchise and PCD Pharma.

pharma franchise

What is a Pharma Franchise and how is it different from a PCD Pharma?

Though Pharma Franchise and PCD Pharma are conceptually same and follow the same business model, difference in certain technical aspects sets them apart.

  1. The scope of Pharma franchise is broad as the operations are spread over a large area whereas, the allotted area in a PCD Pharma is small thus limiting the scope.
  2. A franchise starts with a high minimum order and therefore requires a decent investment in setting up the business. PCD Pharma, on the other hand, can start with a low starting order.
  3. A pharma franchise distributor should be able to show at least 10 years of experience in the pharma sector.

Steps involved in starting a Pharma Franchise Business

  • Choose a Pharma Company

Extensive market research could help a franchise aspirer choose the right company. Determine your prospective company’s performance by checking out its past financials, meeting the company’s clients, reading through its CSR policies, etc.

  • Pharma Products

Associate with a pharma company that offers the products on your wish list. Make sure that the pharma products listed by the pharma company are readily available and not faked to lure prospective clients.

  • Payment Terms

Fill out the gaps in payment terms before you sign the agreement. Avoid grey areas by documenting terms and conditions related to payments such as whether you are making a partial advance payment or paying in full to the pharma franchise company.

  • Monopoly Rights

Apply for monopoly rights for pharmaceutical propaganda cum distribution in your area of interest. This is crucial if you are just starting out and would like to minimize competition.

  • Pharma Franchise Agreement

Draft a business agreement to be duly signed by both parties i.e. the franchise pharma company and the franchise distributor.

Once all the above-mentioned steps have been taken care of, it is time to take a leap.

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