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List of Top 10 Software for Pharma Franchise Companies in India

Software for Pharma Franchise Companies in India

Software for Pharma Franchise Companies- Use of the software is a common sight in big and small organizations alike and pharma franchise companies are no exception. The Indian pharma industry operates on a global scale and thus using the software in pharma franchise companies becomes more a necessity than a need. Since there are numerous franchise-based companies present in India, the need for pharmacy software becomes all the more important. Most pharma companies are using one or the other pcd pharma franchise software but how to decide which one is good for you? There is no need to worry as we have compiled a list of top 10 pcd pharma company software for you.

Types of Software for Pharma Franchise Companies in India

The following list is a compilation of the top 10 pharma company software used in India.


MARG ERP 9 is one of the top-ranked software for pharma franchise companies in India. This software finds use in small, medium, and large-scale pharma companies and also across other industries. Its uniqueness comes from its customization feature that allows the software to be tailored to accommodate the needs of different parties involved.


Logic Pharma is one of the top 10 pharma software specially designed to cater to the ERP vertical of a pharma company. Logic Pharma enables pharma companies to overcome business hurdles in an optimal way which is both profitable and ethical.


Pharma Care is a pharmacy software that takes care of the accounting domain for wholesale and retail pharma businesses. The software is used for billing, inventory tracking, and much more.


One of the top 10 pcd pharma franchise software used by the PCD pharma companies is Pharma Soft. Companies facing quality issues can improve their systems using this quality management software.


Medismo Pharma CRM is the best way to control your pharma operation anytime and from anywhere in the world. Whether it is building relations with contacts and following up with doctors, stockists, distributors, you could do it all through Medismo Pharma CRM.


Medeil Plus is a cost-effective pharmacy software used by pharmacies and clinics to handle OTC sales and prescriptions from doctors. 

7. ERP 9

Tally.ERP  9 has been designed keeping in mind the unique challenges, requirements faced by every business around the world. It is the most popular ERP software used in India for the purpose of accounting, inventory management, payroll. It diminishes the complexities that come with GST with remarkable ease.

8. SAP

SAP needs no introduction. SAP revolutionized how companies worked, how businesses interacted internally within domains. The SAP is used to integrate cross-functional domains on a single platform and also handle customer relationships.


Innova software is one of the top 10 pharma company software for partnering. The software stores all partnering data in one place be it your partnering contacts, companies, minutes of meetings, contracts, etc.


Open MRS is an open and common platform that supports software building to aid with the delivery of healthcare solutions to the developing nations. The system can be used in poverty-ridden areas and can be appended with new data, features, reports without using programming.

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