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The current pharma scenario has made access to quality medicines easy and affordable. The Indian Pcd pharma franchise companies are part of an emerging market which is increasingly conquering the global world and spearheading the economic growth of India.

Why are Pharma Franchise Company Witnessing a Broader Scope than Before?

The continual growth pattern of the pharma franchise company is due to several factors. First and foremost, the Indian generic medicine market is slowly and steadily taking over the entire industry making up 70-80% of the pharma exports. Secondly, an increase in health care spending, growing health awareness, and improving health insurance system have combined to give confidence to the pharma companies to up and increase their activities.

Within the domestic market, pharma franchise company use the pharma franchise model to deliver pharma products all over India as the country is reeling under the effects of increasing failing health, stress, work demands, etc. Pharma franchise is required to distribute, promote and sell these medicines to the needy on time.

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To take a pharma franchise from a pharma company, a pharma franchise agreement must be duly signed by both parties. The agreement contains terms and conditions, payment terms, product details, parties involved, location for pharma franchise, etc.  

Step by Step Instructions on How to start a Pharma Company


If you want to learn how to start a pharma company as a pharma franchise owner, then stay glued as we shall discuss important aspects that you may want to get acquainted with for a successful launch and operation.

1. Choosing Pharma Products

Start a pharma franchise with the right pharma products. Choose products that rank high in popularity but not readily available in your target area. This will help you create a strong client base without the fear of competition.

2. Choose from among the best Pharma Franchise Companies

Select a certified and accredited pharma company as your pharmaceutical partner. Clients prefer pharma companies with WHO, ISO, GMP tags over others. Also, the company must own a good reputation and must have performed well over the last few years.

3. Determine Your Investment

Make sure you have your financial back covered up. Assess your investment scope and credit drawing capacity.

4. Check Product Rates

Compare the net rates provided by several pharma franchise companies to get a fair idea about the pricing. Once that is settled, make sure you settle the payment terms before signing the pharma franchise agreement.

5. Sign Pharma Franchise Agreement

A mutually agreed pharma franchise agreement must be signed by both parties- pharma company and the pharma franchise owner. Read through the whole agreement thoroughly to make sure all aspects, discussed and important, are mentioned in black and white.

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Follow the suggestions to make the process easy and seamless. For further details, call +919888885364.


Pharma Franchise in India: There is no dearth of Pharma companies in India thanks to a continuously progressing Indian Pharmaceutical industry. The growth spurt has created plenty of job opportunities for professionals such as a marketing executive or a Medical Representative (MR) job for pharma companies in India.

However, if you are an individual with a business mindset, then becoming a Pharma Franchise for the best Pharma Franchise Company is better than an MR job.

Pharma Franchise in India

Which is Better – A Pharma Franchise for the Best Pharma Franchise Company or an MR job?

Let us weigh both options based on certain criteria to determine the winner between a Pharma franchise owner and a Marketing Representative.

  • Criteria 1: Earnings 

Pharma Franchise: While working as a pharma franchise for the top medicine company in India, the revenue and profits made during the sales remain with you. That means, as the profit or revenue increases so does your income.

Marketing Representative: An MR is only entitled to a steady income in form of a fixed monthly salary. The salary remains the same irrespective of the sales targets meaning the extra efforts made by an MR are confounded by a stagnant income.

Verdict: Working as a Pharma Franchise for the top medicine company in India is better than an MR job in terms of profits and income.

  • Criteria 2: Authority

Pharma Franchise: Owning a pharma franchise gives one the liberty to work with any of the pharma franchise companies. You are at the helm of the business and can independently make decisions with regards to the kind of pharma products to sell.

Marketing Representative: An MR works under a pharma company and is bound by an employment contract.

Verdict: Pharma Franchise is the winner as far as the Position is concerned.

  • Criteria 3: Sales Targets

Pharma Franchise: A Pharma Franchise job comes without sales targets and hence is a stress-free job with fewer headaches.

Marketing Representative: A Medical Representative job is characterized by monthly and quarterly sales targets. This gives rise to the fear of competition and the marketing executives come under immense pressure to perform well. The pressure is even more if you represent the best pharma franchise company in India as the expectation levels are even higher at the top pharma companies in India.

Verdict: Pharma Franchise again emerges the winner in terms of sales targets.

  • Criteria 4: Work Flexibility

Pharma Franchise: A Pharma Franchise owner is at complete liberty to decide his/her work schedule. You as a pharma franchise owner fix your own timings and hours to work in a day.

Marketing Representative: An MR is required to work fixed hours that are decided by the pharma company employing the Marketing representative

Verdict: With the freedom to follow own pace, pharma franchise in India is better than a time and contract-bound MR job.

Want to start a pharma franchise in India for the best pharma franchise company or would you like to become an MR for the top medicine company in India, the choice is yours. But weigh the pros and cons of each before you reach a conclusion.

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Top 10 Pharma Franchise Company In Chennai

Chennai, earlier known as Madras is the best city not only in South India but has made a global recognition by making it to the top lists of esteemed organizations like National Geographic, India Today etc with BBC mentioned Chennai in the list of the hottest city which is worth it. The capital city of Tamil Nadu is the best city as well as one of the 20 smart cities which tell its credential value.

Top 10 Pharma Franchise Company In Chennai

We have an expert team of quality control experts who monitor complete ongoing activities at each and every stage from sourcing products till its dispatch to our esteemed clients. With our worthy experience and expertise, we offer wide range of pharmaceutical  companies  who provide health care  medicine. These drugs are formulated by making use of premium quality of ingredients from manufacturer’s end. Being one of the leading  Top 10  Pharma Franchise companies in Chennai , we ensure that we offer the best products.

Million Health Pharmaceuticals
Address: Portion A, First Floor, Old No. 131, New No. 50, Pedariyar Koil Street, Seven Wells, Chennai – 600001, Tamil Nadu, India
One of the best PCD company in Chennai, Million Health Pharma is a popular name among the masses.


Zota Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

Address: 8-G, 8th Floor, 560, Century Plaza, Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai – 600018, Tamil Nadu, India
One of the top PCD company in Chennai, Zota Pharmaceuticals is a reputed entity. The company has some of the most appreciated lists of products in Tamil Nadu


 A to Z Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
Address : No. 1/8, Balaji Nagar, Ambattur,Chennai – 600 053.
Our Health and Wellness line of adult nutraceuticals, Anfit® is geared to slow the aging process and improve the overall quality of life with valued,


Pothigai Pharma (P) Ltd.
Address: Bharathi Nagar, Cholambedu, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600109
In Ayurvedic and Herbal PCD is what you are looking for in Chennai city then Pothigai Pharma is the one for you. The company offers a good range ayurvedic formulations made from 100% pure herb.


Alan Medical
Address :No :74, Pvt Complex, Rangantha Street, Chennai –  600017.
Amoxillin 250 mg tablets,  b-complex capsules, trade of pharmaceutical goods, amoxillin 500 mg tablets,  amoxillin plus capsules, citrazine


Evita Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
Address : 6/60, Sai Nagar Annexe, 3rd Cross Street, Chinmaya Nagar,  Virugambakkam – 600092. Chennai.

Paracetamol, cold act, crocin  pain killer, calpol, saridon, dolphar, distribute of general drugs, crocin.


Haaldane Laboratories Pvt Ltd.
Address :9/22, 42nd Street, 8th Sector, K.k. Nagar, K.K.Nagar –  600078. Chennai

Amoxillin plus capsules,  amoxillin 250 mg tablets, manufacture and distribute of pharmaceutical  medicine, amoxillin 500 mg


Franco Indian Remedies Private Limited.

Address : No.56, Nelson Manickam Road.Amingikarai,Chennai – 29.

As one of the most reputed pharmaceutical companies in the country, Franco-Indian Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. (FIPPL), founded in 1949


Tudor Laboratories

Address : A 39, 5th Cross Street, Hindu Colony, Chennai.

The name TUDOR has been synonymous with photography for more than 50 years in the UK. Its public profile was perhaps at its highest during the late 1960s and 1970s

cureways remedies

CurewaYs Remedies

Address : #36/5, FIrst Floor, P.W.T, Manimajra, Chandigarh (INDIA) 

Cureways Remedies enjoys an excellent credibility among our esteemed customers, stokist,. ….

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