To become one of the best third party manufacturing pharma companies in India, a pharma manufacturing entity must comply with specific rules and regulations. Also, establishing a manufacturing unit for a pharma company is a tad cumbersome compared to setting up a manufacturing unit for other industrial units.

Third party manufacturing pharma companies

Working of the Third Party Manufacturing Pharma Companies in India

Third Party medicine manufacturer companies are hired by Pharma PCD franchise companies or small-scale pharmaceutical manufacturers for a large-scale production capacity of pharma products. Third party manufacturing pharma companies in India lend their expertise to the whole production process on a contract basis, therefore, such companies are also known as contract manufacturing companies. The whole process of Third party pharma manufacturing is carried out in accordance with the GMP and can be summarized into a few steps that include raw material procurement, processing, formulation production, Packaging & labeling, storage, and shipment.

Checklist for setting up a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Unit

Tick off the following items on your checklist if you wish to set up a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing unit in India. The list has been compiled based on the tips offered by some of the top Third party manufacturing pharma companies in India that enjoy a grand position in terms of market share and reputation among peers.

  • Familiarize yourself with Basic Pharma Manufacturing Knowledge

Consider doing a study of the pharmaceutical manufacturing market if you are thinking of taking a plunge in this industry. A careful research and study would help you gain an insight into the workings of a pharmaceutical manufacturing company. If this sounds time-consuming, then a better alternative would be to associate with an expert having an in-depth knowledge of pharma manufacturing and its procedures.

  • Premises for setting up the Manufacturing Plant

One of the most significant and crucial steps is to look for premises to set up a manufacturing facility. The location of the plant and the premises layout must comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The facilities must also adhere to protocols laid out by the governing bodies of WHO, GLP, and ISO. Many top Third party manufacturing pharma companies of North India have chosen to set up manufacturing facilities in Baddi in Himachal Pradesh. The town is a popular pharma hub and marked as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

  • Pharma Manufacturing Licenses

To run a legal Pharma Manufacturing Unit, the third party manufacturing pharma companies in India must hold the following permits and licenses:

  • Company Registration
  • License for Drug Manufacturing
  • License to operate a Testing Laboratory
  • License for Drug Distribution
  • GST Registration
  • NOC for Pollution

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  • Machinery & Manufacturing Equipment

The next step involves the purchase and installation of machinery and equipment as per your business requirement. The equipment varies from drug type to type but some that find utility across multiple dosage forms include mixers, dryers, granulators, sifters, storage tanks, compressors, etc.

  • Hire the Experts

Let us not overlook the strongest link in the whole setup process which is hiring a team of experts. A minimum of 2 technical people is required to run a smooth and successful pharma manufacturing unit in India. The staff usually employed by a third party manufacturing company includes technical experts, quality assurance executives, manufacturing chemist, supervisors, production staff, and others.

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Once all the above parameters have been taken care of, you are good to go. For more information on the Third party manufacturing pharma companies in India, call +919888885364.

If you would like to become a third party pharma manufacturer in Chandigarh, then it becomes imperative that you do extensive market research before taking the leap. First, let us discuss who a third party medicine manufacturer is. Then we will focus on the suitability of Chandigarh as a destination for a third party medicine manufacturer.

Who is a Third Party Medicine Manufacturer?

Third Party Pharma Manufacturer in Chandigarh

A third party medicine manufacturer utilizes its expertise and experience to provide contract-based pharma manufacturing services to pharma companies. These pharma companies lack the infrastructure or resources to produce their own medicines, hence hire the services of a third party medicine manufacturer. Additionally, Contract Manufacturing offers many other benefits such as large-scale production capacity, competitive prices, etc.

A good third party medicine manufacturer operates facilities that involve the production of pharma products starting from raw material all the way to finished product. The various phases of contract manufacturing are material procurement, process blueprint, planning, production, and quality testing.

The scope of Third Party Pharma Manufacturer in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is one of the best and smart cities of India with an enviable infrastructure that is perfect for industries to set their operations up. The city is already home to one of the biggest IT hubs of India and doesn’t lag behind in the pharma sector either. Baddi, which is one of the best pharmaceutical manufacturing hubs and an SEZ is only a short drive from Chandigarh. This is reasoning enough for third party medicine manufacturers to start a business in Chandigarh and the neighboring towns.

Why is a Third Party Pharma Manufacturer in Chandigarh the perfect choice from the growth perspective?

As mentioned above, benefits of associating with a third party pharma manufacturer in Chandigarh are unmatched. Below, we have outline benefits as to why a third party pharma manufacturer in Chandigarh is the perfect choice from the growth perspective.

  • Equipment, machinery, facilities require less capital investment
  • A pharma company can focus on its own skill set and marketing strategies without having to worry about pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Get a consistent supply of pharma products
  • Mass production of pharma drugs available at affordable prices
  • The DCGI approved products are clinically tested for quality before medicine dispatch
  • A good third party medicine manufacturer is equipped to offer timely delivery of medicines
  • Third party pharmaceutical manufacturer in Chandigarh offers additional services that include product labeling and customized packaging

Our aimed to act like a window into the world of a third party medicine manufacturer. If you still have doubts or questions, then get in touch with our customer representative at +91 9888885364.