PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India– The pharma industry of India has risen to dramatic heights in the last decade and the success story continues. The industry offers great returns to its associates and has also encouraged overall national economic growth which is an achievement in itself. At this time when the pharma industry is touching the pinnacles of success, investment in the industry seems wise and safe. One type of business investment that has gained immense popularity over the years is to take a pharma franchise from the best PCD pharma franchise company in India. Many industry experts vouch for this low-risk model because of its low investment requirement.

PCD Pharma Franchise Company

On a promising note, the pharma industry has the full support of the Indian government that has initiated programs to offer benefits to the pharma franchise companies in addition to encouraging FDI inflow.

In the article below, we shall understand the meaning and working of a PCD Pharma franchise and discuss ways to choose a good Pharma PCD franchise company in India.

What is a PCD Pharma Franchise Company?

PCD stands for Propaganda cum Distribution. PCD pharma is the rights given to a pharma distributor for the sole purpose of promotion, distribution, and sale of products in the market. The company that gives these rights is called the Pharma PCD franchise company.

A PCD pharma franchise company and its pharma distributors share the responsibility for delivering the pharma products to the market on schedule.  

How does a PCD Pharma Franchise Company Work?

The term PCD pharma franchise is reflective of the system in which a PCD pharma franchise company gives proprietary rights to a pharma distributor/pharma franchisee to market, distribute and sell the company’s products and thus promote its brand name in the market. A PCD pharma franchise company allows its pharma distributors to use the company’s brand, trademarks, proprietary knowledge to carry out the commercial activities on the company’s behalf.

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Despite the economic and market fluctuations, the pharma industry hardly feels an impact because the medicines continue to be manufactured and used. Thus, the PCD pharma franchise companies around India are actively adopting the PCD pharma franchise model to take advantage of the growing demand.

The Scope of Working with the Indian Pcd Pharma Franchise Companies

The pharma products and medicines have posed a huge demand to their makers as people keep struggling to keep themselves healthy and fit. Though old and new molecules, APIs keep getting formulated, they are of no use if they do not reach the market on time. So, the onus to supply the pharma products to the market on time lies with the PCD pharma franchise company in India.

These PCD pharma franchise companies get products made by pharma manufacturers under their own brand name and then through a network of pharma distributors supply, distribute and sell their medicines throughout the country depending on their business reach. Thus, the Indian Pharma PCD companies offer the perfect business and employment opportunities to professionals in form of a pharma franchise. These PCD pharma franchise companies are on a constant lookout for fresh faces to join their team of enthusiastic pharma distributors to transport the company’s products and brand names to territories previously unknown.

Start Pharma Franchise

For example, if you are a Chandigarh based individual looking for a pharma franchise opportunity, you can easily set up your own pcd pharma franchise in Chandigarh by associating with any of the top Indian Pharma PCD companies.

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How to Choose a leading Pharma PCD Franchise Company for your Franchise?

There are numerous small, medium and large-scale PCD pharma franchise companies operating in India. But, if you want to start a successful pharma PCD franchise in Chandigarh or any other part of India, then choosing the right PCD pharma franchise company becomes a necessity.

Below, we have outlined certain parameters to help you select a good PCD pharma franchise company in India.

1. The Reputation of the PCD Pharma Company

A good pharma franchise company leads not only in performance but also in reputation. A good reputation is reflected in the company’s ratings, client reviews, business practices, its CSR policies, etc.

 2. The Pharma Company History

The history of a PCD pharma franchise company can help you decide whether a company is worth your investment. Check the company’s credentials such as its annual reports, performance ratings, earnings, and profits, etc.  

3. Name of the Company

Select the PCD pharma franchise company with a popular brand name. It becomes easy to convince clients to buy products from a prominent and well-established brand.

4. Certificates & Accreditations

Always look for PCD pharma franchise companies that are certified by WHO, ISO, GMP, GLP or get their products manufactured from recognized manufacturers. 

5. Product Range

Choose a PCD pharma franchise company that carries the products you are looking for. Also, a company that offers a diverse range of quality pharma products is a good business partner choice because it leaves room for making modifications to the product range later.

6. Quality of Pharma Products

The quality of pharma products serves as a good determining factor when choosing among the PCD pharma companies. To know if a company carries high-quality products, get some samples from various companies tested in laboratories to assess the quality quotient.

7. Inventory Restock Time

The best Indian Pharma PCD companies are known for regularly supplying their stock of pharma products to their pharma distributors eliminating the possibility of the product shortage. 

8. Marketing Support

A good pharma company provides marketing and promotion assistance to pharma distributors in form of promotional material such as free product samples, visual aids, diaries, pens, bags, calendars, etc.

9. Customer Service

Leading pharma franchise companies offer good customer services to their clients. The best way to know whether a company cares for its customers is to look for reviews about the company online or by getting in touch with previous and existing clients of the company.

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pharma franchise companies in Ahmedabad


The pharma companies in Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India are an integral part of the pharma industry of India with widespread operations that cover research, development, marketing, and distribution aspect of pharma products and medicines throughout India. This blog presents an extensive list of Pharma companies in Ahmedabad.

The pharma companies in Ahmedabad, that also include the PCD pharma franchise companies in Ahmedabad, may trade in both generic and branded pharma formulations. The Government of India imposes strict regulations on the pharma industry due to the crucial nature of the products and their potential side effects, thus the pharma companies in Ahmedabad operate in a highly regulated market.

The pharma franchise companies in Ahmedabad supplies a vast array of high-quality pharmaceutical drugs that can be categorized into various specialty and therapeutic segments. Some of the products offered by a PCD company in Ahmedabad are listed below.

Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil

The herbal pain relief oil is 100% natural and prepared from botanical herbs. It is a blend of essential oils that treat muscle pain, knee pain, back pain, muscle tear, etc.

Ayurvedic Uterine Tonic

Herbal Uterine tonic strengthens the uterus and is also used to treat menstrual problems.

Aceclofenac Paracetamol

The combination is used to treat patients suffering from joints pain, fever, headache, toothache, ear pain, osteoarthritis, etc.

Ferrous Ascorbate & Folic Acid Syrup

The syrup is used by women during pregnancy for prevention of spina bifida in the fetus, for prevention of folate and anemia.

Multivitamin syrup

Multivitamin syrup treats deficiencies caused by lack of vitamins.

List of Top Pharma Franchise Companies in Ahmedabad

There are many pharma companies in Ahmedabad that have a well-established network in the city. A good PCD company in Ahmedabad plays a vital role in the healthcare sector as they not only handle the supply and distribution aspect but also take care of the manufacturing side of the operation. Once the medicines are ready to be transported, the pharma franchise companies in Ahmedabad supply them to clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare centers.

Here is a list of top pharma companies in Ahmedabad. These pharma companies in Ahmedabad have a good track record and enjoy a good reputation for employing fair and ethical business practices.

  • Alna Biotech
  • Progressive lifecare 
  • Unikind Pharma
  • Torrent Pharma
  • Fantabulous Pharma 
  • Mediwin pharma 
  • Soinsvie Pharmacia
  • Mathis Pharma
  • Monark Biocare
  • H & I Critical Care

Franchise Opportunities from Pharma Companies in Ahmedabad

The pharma companies in Ahmedabad hire individuals in the manifold by offering them lucrative pharma franchise opportunities. These individuals help with manufacturing, supply, distribution, promotion, and sale of the company’s pharma products in the market. The candidates are required to possess a pharma degree and some pharma companies require that the candidate holds prior experience in the pharma industry.

With this article, we hope to bring you the best pharma franchise companies in Ahmedabad that offer better growth prospects. For more information on the list of top pharma companies in Ahmedabad, call +919888885364.


Planning to start own pharma franchise or pharma PCD? If so, here is the procedure and documents required to operate a valid pharma franchise company in India for a pharma PCD franchise Company. The article sheds light predominantly on the licenses that a wholesale pharma business needs in order to run a pharma franchise company in India.

pharma franchise company

The pharmaceutical sector of India is known to offer bright business opportunities partly due to the fact that the Indian pharmaceutical industry is a rising star with a great future ahead of it. The exponential growth has catapulted the best pharma companies in India into the orbit of success. This demands more workforce and business minds to become a part of the industry to help it grow further. With infinite opportunities that have seemingly no end, there is the possibility for everyone involved to grow and enjoy mutual trust and benefits.

What are the necessary legal requisites for Starting a Pharma Franchise Company in India?

One domain that stands out as a lucrative business avenue is a wholesale pharmacy. By becoming a wholesale pharmacist with your own pharma franchise company in India, you could open vast growth prospects for yourself without much investment on your part. But do not forget to get a wholesale pharmaceutical drug license which is the first and foremost requirement. In order to work with the best pharma companies in India, you must establish your authenticity by acquiring a valid drug license.

Wondering how to get one, huh? Well, allow us to help you out. Below we have listed the legal requirements of operating a pharma PCD franchise in Chandigarh and elsewhere for a pharma PCD franchise company.

  • Getting a drug license from the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) is mandatory.
  • To qualify for the license, you must hold a valid diploma or a degree in pharmacy from an accredited university or college.
  • Professionals with a few years of experience have a better chance at making a successful start.
  • GST number is mandatory.

The Approved List of Documents

  • A signed Application Form
  • Cover letter stating the purpose of your Application
  • A Declaration Form
  • Proof confirming the Payment towards License Fee
  • An outline of the site plan
  • Proof indicating facility ownership
  • A non-conviction affidavit signed by the partners and directors.
  • Partnership deed and company incorporation certificate.

Visit Pharmafranchiseeindia.com to learn more about starting a pharma PCD franchise in Chandigarh. Get in touch at +919888885364 to avail exciting business opportunities from the 3rd party manufacturing pharmaceuticals company in India.