PCD full form


One very popular question that comes up every now and then on the internet discussion forums is What is PCD or PCD Full Form? The term though popular is unknown to many outside the pharma world. So, we shall start the blog by defining the PCD full form and then we will take up the question “what is PCD?”

What is PCD Full Form?

The PCD full form is Propaganda cum Distribution. When used in the context of pharma, PCD implies marketing-distribution rights for pharma products.

Now that you know the PCD full form, let us now understand the meaning of a PCD business.

What is PCD Business Model?

PCD or Propaganda cum Distribution is pharma franchise business model. You may ask what a pharma franchise business means. The term pharma franchise is used to describe a business system in which a pharma company gives authorization to an individual or another company to promote and sell their products under the pharma company’s name. Thus, the franchise owner has to follow the ethical protocols and standard procedure as adopted by the company itself.

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A surge has been experienced in terms of the rapidity with which the Propaganda cum Distribution (PCD) is being adopted by companies around the country. Because, even if the market falls or rises, there would not be a reduction in the demand for medicines and, therefore, we will always need pharma companies to supply our demand for medicines. The PCD business runs along the lines of a vast network that employs several thousand people around the world.

How to Start a Pharma PCD Franchise Company?

Pharma franchise companies give permission to pharma distributors, franchise owners, individuals, businesses, or consortiums to use the company’s trademarks, copyrights, brand, and product information to sell and distribute the products in the market. Those who receive the permission operate as a PCD franchise or a Pharma Franchise.

To learn how to start pharma PCD company, you must do your homework well. This may include doing market research, using past and present contacts with doctors, retailers, stockists, etc. to start a pharma PCD franchise.

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The benefits of Propaganda cum Distribution (PCD) Franchise Company to a pharma distributor are;

  • Less Capital Requirement
  • Lower Risk
  • Greater Returns and More Profits
  • Monopoly based PCD (Propaganda cum Distribution)
  • Less competition from other pharma franchisees in the area

So, now that you know what PCD is and how to start a Pharma PCD company, you must join hands with only the best pharma PCD franchise company in India. For more information on the PCD full form and PCD, call +91-9888885364.