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Planning to start own pharma franchise or pharma PCD? If so, here is the procedure and documents required to operate a valid pharma franchise company in India for a pharma PCD franchise Company. The article sheds light predominantly on the licenses that a wholesale pharma business needs in order to run a pharma franchise company in India.

pharma franchise company

The pharmaceutical sector of India is known to offer bright business opportunities partly due to the fact that the Indian pharmaceutical industry is a rising star with a great future ahead of it. The exponential growth has catapulted the best pharma companies in India into the orbit of success. This demands more workforce and business minds to become a part of the industry to help it grow further. With infinite opportunities that have seemingly no end, there is the possibility for everyone involved to grow and enjoy mutual trust and benefits.

What are the necessary legal requisites for Starting a Pharma Franchise Company in India?

One domain that stands out as a lucrative business avenue is a wholesale pharmacy. By becoming a wholesale pharmacist with your own pharma franchise company in India, you could open vast growth prospects for yourself without much investment on your part. But do not forget to get a wholesale pharmaceutical drug license which is the first and foremost requirement. In order to work with the best pharma companies in India, you must establish your authenticity by acquiring a valid drug license.

Wondering how to get one, huh? Well, allow us to help you out. Below we have listed the legal requirements of operating a pharma PCD franchise in Chandigarh and elsewhere for a pharma PCD franchise company.

  • Getting a drug license from the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) is mandatory.
  • To qualify for the license, you must hold a valid diploma or a degree in pharmacy from an accredited university or college.
  • Professionals with a few years of experience have a better chance at making a successful start.
  • GST number is mandatory.

The Approved List of Documents

  • A signed Application Form
  • Cover letter stating the purpose of your Application
  • A Declaration Form
  • Proof confirming the Payment towards License Fee
  • An outline of the site plan
  • Proof indicating facility ownership
  • A non-conviction affidavit signed by the partners and directors.
  • Partnership deed and company incorporation certificate.

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Third Party Manufacturing Pharma: Are you aware of the advantages of working as a Third Party Manufacturing company in India? Or do you know the benefits you could enjoy by hiring the services of third party manufacturers in India? Let us help you get acquainted with the concept of contract manufacturing pharma if the answers to the questions above is a “no”.This blog is dedicated to understanding the meaning, services offered and the advantages of working with a third party manufacturing company. So, let us get started.

third party manufacturing

What is Third Party Manufacturing or Contract Manufacturing Pharma in India?

Contract Manufacturing Pharma is useful when you are looking to work your way through pharma manufacturing at reasonable rates. By hiring the services of a good third party manufacturing company, you could get the same or better quality if you were doing it yourself. The only difference is that using a third party medicine manufacturer can significantly lower your investment capital thus earning you better profits while keeping the risk low.

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In third party manufacturing of pharma products, a pharma company outsources the manufacturing of pharma products in its own brand name to a third party medicine manufacturer.

The Benefits of using the services of a Third Party Medicine Manufacturer in India

Third party manufacturing offers tremendous benefits to pharma companies, therefore, the concept has become a norm where large-scale production is required. Listed below are only some of the so many benefits of Contract Manufacturing Pharma.

  • Large-scale Production at Reasonable Prices

Hire the services of a third party manufacturing company if you are in search of cost-effective investment. Contract manufacturing services let you forego a headache that comes with establishing a production unit and then hiring a professional team to operate it. Thus, with contract manufacturing, you are looking at reduced development costs. Bulk production at reduced prices is also made possible with third party medicine manufacturing service.

  • Quality Control

The best third party medicine manufacturers are usually equipped with their own in-house quality control department that is overseen by quality assurance experts. Such manufacturers follow stringent quality protocols to the rule and are certified by notable health regulatory bodies like the WHO, GMP, ISO, etc.

  • Customized Services

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Most top class third party manufacturing companies offer bespoke services customized to suit your preferences. Customized packaging and labeling are some unique features offered by such pharma manufacturers.

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The pharmaceutical industry of India is a widely growing sector that is characterized by some of the best franchise medicine companies in India. The presence of pharma franchise suppliers is felt in every city and state of India and is much needed due to a growing demand for medicines throughout the world.

Although there are plenty of pharma franchise suppliers in India with claims to great products, selecting one that is suitable for your pharma franchise business is not impossible but confusing. Therefore, we have come up with some tips on how to go about choosing the best pharma drug supplier in India.

pharma franchise suppliers

Tips for Selecting Monopoly Pharma Franchise Suppliers in India

Monopoly Pharma companies in India or the pharma franchise suppliers get products manufactured by third party pharma manufacturers and then pass those products on to the pharma franchise distributors for sale and distribution in the market. Therefore, in order to gain more clients and achieve a broader growth scope, manufacturers must employ only the best franchise medicine company in India.

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  1. Learn about your Franchise Medicine Company

The biggest advantage of the digital era is that every piece of information that is publicly available is only a few clicks away. Use the effective medium of the Internet to get information on the franchise medicine company in India. A thorough background check will allow you insights into the financial aspects of the company, its clients, brand image, audit, and company policies.

  1. Know the Products

Would it be fair if your pharma franchise supplier promised you products that were not on his product list? No, right? So, make sure that the franchise medicine company in India that you wish to do business with hands you a genuine product list that has all the quality pharma products you wish to sell. Also, not to be overlooked is the fact that the franchise medicine company is equipped to restock your inventory quickly to avoid the shortage.

  1. Monopoly Rights for Franchise

The monopoly pharma companies in India give out monopoly rights to pharma franchise owners in their area of interest to minimize competition and regulate pricing. Monopoly helps with better relationships with local doctors and a loyal customer base.

  1. Check the Net Rates

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The pharma franchise industry has become competitive to the extent that a misstep such as unfair pricing could lead to the business downfall. The only way to determine if your pharma franchise supplier has priced its products fairly or charging you reasonable rates is by comparing the price lists of various pharma franchise suppliers.

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PCD Pharma Companies: Pharmaceutical sector in India has witnessed enormous growth in recent years and it can be estimated by the fact that India has become the world’s largest producer and supplier of generic drugs. Future of the pharmaceutical sector in India is very bright and hence those who are looking to invest in this sector, it is the right time to do so.Nowadays PCD pharma companies list is like never ending as there tons of PCD pharma companies in India. If you are the one who is looking for a franchise from these PCD pharma companies then here we will help you and let you know the concept of PCD pharma companies and how to select the best one for you.

PCD Pharma Companies

PCD Pharma Company:

PCD is a very new concept in the pharma sector and hence those who are interested in getting a pharma franchise need to know every bit of it. PCD stands for Propaganda Cum Distribution and through this, both the franchise and the company stay at minimal risk chances.

PCD pharma companies take care of the investments that are to be made by the franchise and hence franchise owners have a lesser burden on them. PCD pharma franchise doesn’t require a huge setup and hence can be managed easily on less investment as well.

The operational level of PCD pharma franchise and the company is smaller and also they cover a lesser area than the normal pharma franchise.PCD pharma franchise contrary to the traditional pharma franchise has no specific targets and hence it can be easily managed.

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Selecting the best PCD pharma company in India:

There are a number of PCD pharma companies throughout the country which have their own specifications and methods to operate but here we will guide to opt for the PCD pharma company from the top PCD pharma companies in India.

The first thing to do before opting for a Pharma franchise company is to check the reputation it has earned in the market and if it can be trusted. The company you are opting for should be able to provide you with the genuine products.

Variety is another key thing to look for as the pharma sector is all about varieties and genuineness. PCD Pharma Company must be able to provide you with a variety of genuine products.

Stock availability is the next important thing that you should consider while going for a PCD Pharma Company. The worst thing that can happen to you if you own a pharma franchise is that stock running out. This is the area you don’t want to compromise.

Select a PCD pharma company that will provide you with a good value for money. You should first compare the companies in the market on the basis of budget. You don’t want to disturb your budget as this is the area where the chances of getting cheated are most. The PCD pharma company should be able to provide you with the products in your budget.

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Since it has many lucrative business opportunities to offer, it is always advisable to go for the business generating potential. One can outrightly take the important things in-line and find opportunities to bang on in pharma franchise India.

The success mantra for many pharma distributors is in choosing the right pharma PCD franchise company to do business with. Even if you worked hard to accomplish other spheres but made a wrong choice with your PCD Pharma Franchise Company, then there is every bit a chance of things going wrong. Therefore, take precautions when deciding which one of the PCD pharma companies for franchise will help you maximize your returns in order to do well.

Pharma PCD Franchise Company

Those working in the pharma franchise industry are well aware that many PCD pharma companies for franchise get their pharma products prepared in manufacturing facilities either owned by them or owned by the third-party manufacturers. However, as a pharma franchise distributor, you should know the benefits of partnering with a Pharma PCD franchise company that operates its own manufacturing facilities. Let us discuss the pros of choosing a Pharma PCD Franchise Company with its own manufacturing facility.

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  • Availability of Pharma Products

If you are a pharma distributor working for a PCD Pharma Franchise company with its own production unit, then you are least likely to face the issue of products going out of stock. Such PCD pharma companies for franchise are at the helm of regulating their production and plan their inventory accordingly. This enables them to keep up with the market demand thus avoiding inventory shortage which can lead to companies or distributors going out of business.

Since these PCD pharma companies for franchise do not have to depend on the third party manufacturers for steady supply of products, clients prefer to work with them as there is only one business partner to deal with instead of two.

  • Quality Control

The PCD pharma companies for franchise that also do their own product manufacturing are known to offer the best quality consistency and quality control you would expect from your pharma products. Since all the products are prepared in the same manufacturing facility, there are no quality performance issues that are usually evident if you get your products manufactured by different manufacturers. The pharma PCD franchise company that does its own manufacturing maintains a standard quality protocol throughout its production regardless of the type of medicine it makes.

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The main advantage of dealing with a PCD company with its own manufacturing unit is that clients can hold the company accountable for any quality lapses. This may not be so easy with third-party manufacturers as your concern may get lost in transmission.

  • Winning the trust of Medical Practitioner is easy

When it comes to gaining the trust of a doctor, going the ethical and quality way always works the best. Therefore, the doctors trust PCD pharma companies for franchise that do both- their own product manufacturing and marketing as convincing someone of the quality of your own manufactured product is far easy than being a messenger for a product prepared by some other manufacturer.

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